Port Said, Egypt

Friday, March 1, 1929

Another day of not much but writing and reading. Jackie came for me this morning and gave me a half-dozen oranges. Mail is still scarce. The hotel tried to toss in an extra day on my bill and the American Express Co. gave me a counterfeit 5-piastre piece which I returned. The cashier stuck it back in the money [box] to get rid of it to the next person. Was going to visit the New York today, but they had some trouble with visitors the other day and now no visitors are allowed on board. I have been seeing lots of young vamp types lately. All decked out in paint and short skirts. Hard to tell whether they are 15 or 25. Since the boys told these hawkers we were broke and trying to borrow money, they have been after me to sell my rings and Beta pin, and one wanted to buy my pants! I need them though. Fifty cents for my pin, two small boxes of candy for a ring and two of candy and a fez for both rings. One was set on buying my pin to give to his dusky wife as a souvenir. And the irony of it all—the woman across the way today strung up two pairs of unmentionables on the clothesline, one pink and the other blue!

Had cocoa this evening with Jackie. If he voices Egypt’s feelings toward England, I predict a rough time ahead for the latter. He claims Allenby instigated the death of the Pasha of Sudan, that for her aid to England during the Great War, Egypt was to have her freedom. But England backed down after the war. In theory, Egypt is free, but in practice it is not. The Egyptians not only dislike English here, but French, Italians, Greeks, etc. He claims they like Americans to live in Egypt and would be satisfied if America controlled the government. Exactly the same feeling seems to be prevalent in Palestine.

The P&O ship Nankin, not so large, is in tonight full of troops for India. This is the second or third troop ship through here for India recently. A good-sized ship of Ellerman’s City Line just sailed south.

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