Port Said, Egypt

Sunday, March 3, 1929

Saturday and today I have not done much of anything and a little bit of everything. A letter from Frank today said they would be back about Friday 8th so the chances are we shall take my Roosevelt Line cargo boat at three per day toward the last of the month. My check had better be arriving soon as I have about seven kicks left. Had cocoa with Jackie last night. He really makes it, too. Nice hot day but turned cloudy in the late afternoon and stayed that way today.

The P&O Nankin, Orient Orsava, and a Dutch ship all came in last night and the hawkers and cafe waiters were busy yelling to drum up trade till long after midnight. I woke up once and heard them yelling so thought it was morning. Must have been about one. The 20,000 Europeans in Port Said were out 100% and all dressed up. Bum bike riders still continue to bump into each other on the corner and from the yelling, another ship is in tonight.

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