Aboard S.S. Romolo

[Actual date: Tuesday, March 26, 1929]

Wednesday Monday, March 27 25, 1929

Not a whole lot doing. It is hot less than a quarter of an hour after the sun is up. After a “caulda journo,” the evening was perfect and sleeping outside on a crate was a pleasure. Our boy friends continue to visit, but do not trouble us as much as at first. This evening at sunset we sighted the coastal mountains of the Sudan looming high above the water.

Thursday Tuesday, March 26, 1929

Another hot day. Can’t complain of the food. For breakfast, a roll, coffee, and rice; lunch—tripe, roll, cabbage, roast beef; for dinner—soup, mashed and sauté spuds with gravy, cauliflower, duck, roast beef, and Frank got some ice cream. They always insist upon giving us wine, too, but since I left Bethlehem, wine tasted like mud to me. Would rather have beer. Just before sunset, we sighted Nubia, a hilly coast stretching as far as the eye could see. The night was so mild, I slept without sweater or jacket.

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