Aboard S.S. Romolo

Sunday Satur Friday Sunday, March 29, 1929 Friday, March 29, 1929

I slept inside last night because of the wind. It has increased considerably since last night till it is hard to stand up. While it is not cold, neither is it hot. The coastal mountains of Eritrea faded from view about eight-thirty as did several islands we passed by, several miles off the coast. Now, 12AM, the coast of Arabia (I think it is Arabia) is dim in the distance and Aden is not far away.

The days are all messed up and it is only Friday.

In the afternoon we left the African coast and sailed down the Arabian coast. We were again in the shipping lane and saw four or five vessels in the hour before dark. Mort got some of the boys interested in learning English. We had more fun teaching them what to say when they get to Karachi and Shanghai. Now they eat up English and have more fun pulling what they know on the others. We didn’t have to teach them to swear. One of the boys who has a nice musical voice we taught to say Sweetheart, I’m a hot papa, or as he sings it, Sweetahar, I’m a hotta papa. This one was learning colors and is now proud of the fact that he can say Miss Black, speaking of the black girls in Massawa. Give me a kiss, etc. are also popular. Acting out what we teach them is a scream. Mort is a regular professor of English and Frank the star interpreter.

The wind made sleeping out just a little cool. A half-dozen Hindus got on at Massawa and have a large canvas stretched over the hatch to form a tent. I crawled in there with my scrubbing board to sleep on (as the hatch canvas is dirty) and did pretty well till seven AM. The sailors sure know their movie stars and what plays and pictures they are in. Favorites seem to be Tom Mix, Dolores del Rio, Harold Lloyd, Gloria Swanson, Lon Chaney, Greta Garbo, Douglas Fairbanks, etc.

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