Aboard S.S. Romolo

OK  Tuesday, April Sunday, March 31, 1929

Today seems to be Easter, but nobody gave us any eggs—only spaghetti as usual. A strong wind kept things nice and cool. In fact, it was so strong it blew my world map out of my hands and over the side. Took lots of pictures of the sailors and ship. In the afternoon we ran through a school of jellyfish—thousands of them floating near the surface to enjoy the sun.  Then we passed two schools of porpoises and pretty blue flying-fish. In the evening the sailors put on a show. First there was a three-act play in which only one person was shot. Not bad acting for the preparation. Next the band performed—rather the drum performed and the band also ran. Every instrument succeeded in being out of tune with every other one. The director made all kinds of faces, but it didn’t improve the music any. When the first selection had been rendered (murdered), no amount of coaxing could induce the band to play another piece. They didn’t know any more. A “kitchen band” performed next. That was enough for me. Mort had weakened earlier and was asleep in his deck chair when I returned. Frank was under when the show started.

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