S.S. Romolo

OK Wednesday Monday, April 1, 1929

Up at six as always. Spent practically the whole day writing or typing, but didn’t accomplish much because of so many interruptions. The wind died a little, making the heat more noticeable, so much in fact that I got some prickly heat on my arms. Mort and Frank are peeling wholesale and my back between my shoulders and nose are losing skin. Passed several barren rock and sand islands off the Arabian coast, this latter being barely discernible at times. Late in the afternoon we left land for good. Shortly after lunch we passed a large school of sharks. You can hardly watch the ocean for any length of time without seeing some form of marine life. We are coming out of the Straits of Aden into the Arabian Sea. The water is very smooth, so much that at night one can often see each star brightly reflected on its glassy surface. The large ones remain bright until the time they set below the horizon. The waning moon is now a beautiful crescent and rises late. I often get up at one or three to see it skimming across the smooth surface. The cinema tonight featured Lila Lee in some South Sea island romance. The acting is almost ridiculous—as if after each move the characters held their expression till the director told them to trot out a new one. Leaving the coast of Oman behind to cross the Arabian Sea.

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