S.S. Romolo

OK  Thursday Tuesday, April 4 2, 1929 Tuesday, April 2, 1929

Again I spent practically all day over the typewriter. A cooling breeze made the day very pleasant. In the afternoon a siren blew and the ship commenced to turn around very rapidly. The maneuver broke up a hair-cutting party the sailors were having on deck. A life-saver had been tossed overboard and the ship was going through a sort of drill to see how quickly it could turn. It took a circle whose diameter was about 300 yards, and about 13 minutes. When we had completed the circle, a lifeboat was lowered to rescue the life-saver. One of the engines had broken down when we were ready to proceed. This is fixed now and we are again creeping along about 7 or 8 knots per—or about 14 or 16 miles per hour. Will reach Karachi the day after tomorrow early in the morning.

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