Saigon, French Indo-China

Mercredi, Aôut 7, 1929

Went for my mail this morning and really found three letters for me. Had a talk with the Consul and he is a very nice man. Leaving for California in about a week via Hongkong—I may go on the same boat, though I doubt it. Glad to learn there is no visa required for China nor does the Jap visa cost anything. At last I’m through putting out money for that.

An American cargo ship came in today and is leaving for Manila in three days. The consul says I can get passage for $28, four days. After lunch a boy came up and asked if I spoke English. A California man on this same ship getting a little first-hand dope on foreign trade before going back to college. He offered to stow me away to Manila—all of which would be OK if it were only a week later. Looks as though I shall have to drop in on Manila before I am through.

Pete and I went out to the Botanical Gardens in rickshaws—it being one of the three or four sights of Saigon, the others the Cathedral, Governor’s Mansion, and the Rue Catinat.

According to Mort I missed a big tamasha in Puri. Poor Frank—all bad news about him—”Frank had a letter from Frances today and the poor boob fell for her line, hook, and all. . .took the letter with him out for a walk and sat under some palm trees, returning with a look in his eyes like a dying calf.” —Also—”Abdullah wrote that he wore the clothes that we sent to a singing tamasha and the boyfriends tore the pants off of him and he was ‘shamed’.”

Had a long letter from Kath. She is keeping Gibralter busy all right—sent some pictures, one of the kids, cutest numbers you ever saw. Eleanor also enclosed snaps of herself.

Got 48 negatives back this evening and most all seem to be pretty fair—all but the price. Hope I’ll get some money soon to pay the hotel bill with.

Café life continues and always pipes down shortly after nine or so. The French, congai, and natives all take their evening stroll or sit on a park bench, then turn in. I am now blessed with three victrolas, two horns, a drum, and a violin. Too bad when they all pop off together.

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