Saigon, French Indo-China

Thursday, August 8, 1929

Had trouble in getting a Japanese visa today. They tried to charge me for it and besides have given me the wrong kind. After a long time in wasted argument and talk I went to the American consul who is writing a letter for me.

My friend came back today, Pete Funk, and brought his friend Frank Gorham with him. All had dinner at the hotel, then walked around through the Governor’s yards, etc. They offered to stow me away Saturday to Manila. I had about decided to pull stakes and go when I bethought myself of the lovely time I had experienced chasing checks in India. However, if I get money before they sail, I’ll go with them. Sure is a tough break—but may get in yet for after three weeks of sailing around the islands, they return to Manila before sailing for Hongkong. If I happen to be in Manila at the time—??

Rainy today but not so hot as usual. I resorted to the shorts again and from the way people stare, I guess it is not done here. However it’s done as far as I am concerned.

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