Saigon, French Indo-China

Saturday, August 10, 1929

After a restless night I found I still felt rotten, but minus the fever. Went down to the Japanese Consulate to get my passport. They admitted their error, canceled my transit visa and gave me a visé d’entrée free of charge.

This nice cheap boat to Hongkong doesn’t seem to exist. Second class is only for natives and I would not be permitted to travel there—sort of steerage—and first class is seventy dollars or $35.00 gold. That makes it hard. I imagine I can do better than that on a third or second class passage on a Maritimes Français or Chargeurs Réunis paquebot.

At the American Consulate I found a letter from Eleanor and one from Millicent. Any mail to Batavia has not yet been forwarded here and some should be coming from Rangoon, Singapore, and Bangkok. It had better get here next week or it will have to chase me to Japan.

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