Saigon, French Indo-China

Sunday, August 18, 1929

This has been an exciting day. Read all about the war plans of Germany, France, and England, how they were executed, and the results.

After lunch had washed this down, I turned to the New Turkey, Tammany Hall, the agricultural problem of the U.S., the League of Nations, Kellogg Pact, world peace and world menaces—finally the Mexican election and that of Nicaragua, treaty disputes and Yankee Imperialism, Costa Rica, and treaty evasions. Now that I have decided these problems, I shall have to wash them down with some more of that bread-floating soup.

The usual rain appeared at the appointed hour this afternoon, 3 PM, and it didn’t miss raining either. Opposite page—artistic conception of me in my entire layout.

The rate of exchange I got the other day of .446 is not so bad. Cuts the piastre down from 50¢ and makes my hotel bill $1.61 per day.

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