Aboard Ethan Allan

Friday, November 15, 1929

Up at 7:30; breakfast, and the day starts at eight. There was a heavy, clumsy gangway to be hauled on deck with three blocks-and-tackle—a heck of a job; and there was the officers’ midships to be washed—white railings, walls, etc. I took the wheel at ten and missed the first session of scrubbing. Still, the steering is not a bad workout in itself. The wheel turns hard and one must stand on one’s feet in one spot for two hours.

At noon you have from 12 to one to eat lunch and rest up. Thereafter, the job of scrubbing till two when there is a 15-minute “blow” period. On the wheel again from 3 till 5, at which time we eat chow. Slim had a box of marshmallows so someone borrowed the Second’s toaster and his cabin mates and I toasted them. Two of my cabin mates, one a Pilipino, are having a card game on a bench by my bed. Gambling is a favorite sport. Doubt if I’ll lose any money as the purser has my last red cent up in his safe.

Better sailor than ever this voyage—not even a headache to show for the ship’s rolling. Though there are enough heated arguments during the day, the crew has sobered down now to a point where you can really sleep; and so I shall.

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