Aboard Ethan Allan

Saturday, November 16, 1929

Busy today cleaning off dirt and grease from the fore part of the ship in preparation to painting it. The sugy (squeegee) used is sloppy enough. Steering 79° today—about ENE (magnetic compass; by true north we are heading two points south of east).

Had a fire and boat drill while I was at the wheel this afternoon. And speaking of such things—the Ethan Allan has been out from Orleans four and a half months. Typhoons delayed it around the Philippines, China and Japan. The boat went on the rocks off the Philippine coast and stove a hole in her side. That is why she can’t take a full cargo. In fact, the cargo is so light the front end is damn near out of the water and the thing bounces about like a cork on the swells. Not making much time—9 knots or less. Have only come about 450 miles from Honolulu by noon today. Cloudy this evening but won’t rain. There is a nice full moon just up from Davy Jones’ locker.

The crew and officers seem to be pretty decent sorts of chaps, notably so when sober. There are some Norwegians, 3rd, Bos’n, etc., a couple of Scots, a couple of Filipinos, and the rest are Americans for the most part.

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