Aboard Ethan Allan

Friday, November 22, 1929

Cloudy, windy, and too durned chilly. The old tub made 223 miles today, the best effort so far—and the total from Honolulu at noon was 1,680 miles. Sailors may love the sea but they are all counting the days to New Orleans—some are counting poker chips in all spare time—others are counting the gallons of booze (theoretically) they will soon be consuming—and still others are probably trying to recall the name of their gal in New Orleans. As for me, I count the daily increase in length of my beard.
Had the cutest tea party today—chipping deck—and all indications point to the same thing for a few days to come. Raised enough blisters on the paws today to last a while.
Finished Wells’  The Story of a Great Schoolmaster. Not especially interesting except for some advanced ideas on school education and training of the future. The next book is Portrait of a Man with Red Hair by Hugh Walpole.

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