Aboard Ethan Allan

Sunday, November 24, 1929

Nice day but choppier. Stowed away three uncommonly large meals for not being hungry today. Cooked bugs come at less frequent intervals now for the cool weather has driven them to shelter.
Finished Metropolis today. Didn’t care for the book—money, money, money was the main theme and overworked from the first chapter to the last. Am now reading Mr. Britling Sees It Through by H.G. Wells. I like his stuff and humor, but he so often introduced British and world politics and history into his stories and it slows them up considerably even to the point of being almost boring sometimes. Then too I think he sometimes overdoes the subjectivity of his characters.
Took Robert’s watch at the wheel from 6 to 8 tonight. Pumped the mate with questions and learned this ship burns about 190 to 200 bbls. of oil a day (50 gal. per bbl)—that the oil costs more than coal, but wages offset the difference, 4 firemen and 9 stokers for coal while 2 engineers and 3 wipers for oil. Also, oil permits a saving of 1,500 tons cargo space. That it costs this tub about $6,000 to go through the Panama Canal, etc.
Made 191 miles today—total 2,063 miles I believe. Not half way to the Canal yet.

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