Lisbon, Portugal

Tuesday, December 18, 1928

This morning I went to the Post Office and found a newspaper, scandal sheet, OSU Monthly, and funny papers for me there. Sure was great to dig into them. Lots of football dope, etc. Then I started out along the main drag downstream, still the object of much curiosity though I had my old khaki outfit on. Sometimes it strikes me funny and I laugh right in their faces as I pass. This usually produces a funny result and turns the tables. I shall not forget one ditch-digger who I laughed at. I’ll swear he jumped a foot from surprise. An hour’s walk along the unattractive street and I came to the Museu de Coches where there is a fine array of old coaches and outfits. Most all are very elaborately [made] of wood with much gilding. Don’t know if they charge to get in or not. However, I didn’t take a chance. Went in with a group of tourists on some tour.

Walking on a little farther I came to the famous Jeronimos Church and Monastery of Bélem where the tombs of Luís de Camões, poet, and Vasco da Gama, famous navigator, are to be seen. There is much fine fancy stonework in the interior of the church. The tall pillars are very striking. I next spent a couple of hours reading my newspapers etc. in a small park opposite, and started back at two. Went to see Mr. Childs, the American Vice-Consul and he gave me, as he had said he would, the name of a very good friend of his who lives in Sintra and will show me around tomorrow when I go there. Condessa de Castanheiro is her name. Her husband, a count, died some time ago I believe. After leaving a forwarding address at the post office, I walked through the streets looking in the lighted windows. Signs of Xmas are not lacking. Several trees all decorated with ornaments and many ornaments and lots of tinsel for sale. The candy and pastry shops look like Xmas. I am all in the spirit and am getting a big kick out of it, especially since Mother and Dad have made possible a happy Xmas for my poor friends in S-?, Hungary. They don’t go in for Xmas here, though, like we do in America. Lisbon is certainly a city of hills. Not attractive as far as beauty is concerned, but interesting. In the morning hundreds of women come up from the docks to market with large baskets of fish on their heads. Dozens and dozens of people along the street pester you, selling lottery tickets. American cars prevail here as in Spain. This is due to a better development of retail marketing organizations than the British or other European dealers have. The Americans have finance companies both to aid dealers, and for customers to buy on the installment plan, these companies being controlled by American money. Lots of new hot models. More Studebakers than anything and some dandies—all of which makes me miss Pretty Lips the more. Nice and sunshiny today. $0.76.

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