Saturday, December 29, 1928

Today has been cloudy with occasional drizzles and a steady drizzle late this afternoon and evening. With the change in rate, my room changed. Moved up to the 2nd floor or 2nd pisa. The new room is many times better and more cheerful than the other. Now I’ll get some sun. Looked all around for more shipping lines, but n.g. Got more dope on a deck passage. The cargo boat leaves London, or England rather, the 9th of January and will probably arrive here the 14th or 15th. It will cost £4.1 plus a few small extras. Chances are I’ll be able to negotiate with the cook for food and possibly get a bunk.

After my lunch—the meal—I walked through No-Man’s-Land to the Spanish town of La Mineos(?). It is not much. Went to a dentist here later and had my hunch confirmed. Had the cavity filled and went to the post office, but n.g. Wrote Hory a letter, read some history of Gibraltar, and am now eating a little one-sided lunch in my room, all the lunch being on the right side. The history of Gibraltar is a long succession of wars, sieges, naval battles, plagues, etc. beginning years ago when the ancients called it one of the Pillars of Hercules, the other being Apes Hill directly across the channel in Spanish Morocco. Two skulls have been recently found, one (of a woman) about 200,000 years old and the other of a young boy, 10 or 12 years old, and about 20,000 years old. Some 350 species of birds are found in neighboring Spain and Africa, and a large part of these are seen at Gibraltar. Lots of small, harmless snakes, lizards, toads; foxes, hares, and monkeys probably introduced from Northern Africa and around Apes Hill. The interesting thing about these latter is that their skins or skeletons are never found and are undoubtedly carried away and hid in inaccessible crevices by their companions.

The Rock shows clearly the different geological periods of its formation and of the vertical and angular upheavals. It is of a dark gray, late Jurassic limestone for the most part, with layers of red sandstone and debris deposited. At one time the Rock was higher than it now is, 1,400 feet.

Have just eaten the last Xmas cookie and hated to see it go. These “luxuries” don’t miss being good. The cat here at the hotel is called Snuggie like our fond animal at home. Just had a dandy time cutting my hair—the part I can’t see on my neck. It feels hot and I got lots of hair off. Heaven help my looks.

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