Sunday, December 30, 1928

Today I arose too late to go to church—on purpose. It was a fine day and cool. I got interested in some mad fiction book and read it till lunch, finishing it this evening. After stowing away seven courses and a little more, and bringing some fruit to my room for dinner (got more food later), I rode to the great football game with the hotel clerk and advance agent in a horse and buggy. A championship game between the Europas and Prince of Wales. It was a pretty good game and a 1–1 tie, the Europas winning the tie due to a 1-point lead before the game. Only 3 men carried off the field. Football here means what we call soccer or speedball. Tomorrow the last of 1928! Suppose I had better be gathering some leaves to turn and digging up the annual resolutions to fail in. What an easy life I lead here. Wish I could find a job. Maybe I can.

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